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Fast and reliabe electrical services. With over 20 year of experience, 247ELECTRICIAN offers professional advice and repairs on all domestic and commercial electrical needs. Whther it's an emergency electrical problem or maintenance requirements, we guarantee expert, on-site diagnosis and workmanship.

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Domestic Services

Specialising in on-site emergency electrical services including diagnosis and repair, 247ELECTRICIAN understands the need for efficient, cost-effective solutions. There are few things worse than being without electricity or experiencing an electrical fault – but we are just a phone call away, any time of the day.

  • Lightning damage

    Many of us know that a lightning strike to or close to your home is not a happy time! Lightning can cause a wide range of damage

  • Earth leakage tripping

    we will be able to quickly determine where the fault is and offer you advice on an effective solution. A faulty appliance, short circuit or moisture are common problems for this type of electrical fault.

  • No power with no obvious reason why!

    That’s what qualified electricians are there for – please do not attempt to find the fault yourself as this could be a dangerous exercise.

  • No hot water

    electrical faults such as a wire shorting, foreign objects laying across the wiring connections and weak circuit breakers can all be potential sources to your water not heating up. No hot water doesn’t always mean a geyser problem.

  • Earth leakage tripping

    large power surges can cause instantaneous damage but the low-level ones which often happen without notice in a household can cause ‘electronic rust’, gradually degrading the internal circuits until they ultimately fail.

  • DB board is burnt

    any burn out on the DB board is an emergency electrical situation as if left unattended, it can cause a fire. It’s best to call our emergency team the moment you suspect any fault on the DB board and we will ensure that all precautions are taken.

Commercial Services

247ELECTRICIAN offers our same commitment and services to commercial clientele. We have a number of dedicated teams with a team leader on hand who will take charge of your electrical requirements and ensure the job is well done. Commercial services include:

  • Emergency electrical services
  • Repairing and replacement of faulty and old wiring
  • Finding the source and repairing Earth leakage tripping
  • Diagnosing no power issues and offering effective solutions
  • New installations
  • Identifying and repairing no hot water issues
FAQ Most Popular
  • What should I do if a switch on my electrical board keeps tripping?

    Common causes of Earth leakage tripping are indicative of a fault either from an appliance, a short circuit or moisture. Please do not try to determine or fix the problem yourself as this could be a dangerous exercise. Rather contact 247electrician as soon as possible so that a qualified electrician can assess and assist with an effective solution.

  • Why don’t we have any hot water even though the geyser is on?

    No hot water doesn’t always mean a burst geyser! A number of electrical faults could result in the geyser not working including wire shorting and weak circuit breakers. If you have no hot water then turn off your geyser at the mains and contact 247electrician. Our team will quickly determine the fault and ensure you have hot water again in no time.

  • Our house was struck by lightning and now nothing works!

    A lightning strike to the home can be a very frightening experience. As soon as you suspect that you may have been struck, unplug all appliances and wait for our expert team to assess the damage before trying to work the appliances yourself.

  • Why do we have no power when the rest of the street does?

    Unless there is an unpaid bill, it can be extremely inconvenient if you are left without power for no apparent reason. Do not attempt to determine the reason yourself as any number of faults could be the cause. 247electrician are expert emergency electricians and our team will have your power resorted efficiently and effectively.

  • Why can’t we just Google it and sort the problem out ourselves?

    Electrical problems are not easily solved with a quick Google search – unless you are looking for a reputable electrician such as 247electrician! Please do not attempt any DIY electrical installation or problem solving yourself as electricity is not something to be played with. Qualified electricians are skilled, knowledgeable and certified to ensure that your electrical issues are resolved in the safest possible way.

    Our team of experts will quickly determine the reason for your electrical issues. They will offer sound, reliable advice on how to fix the problem/s found and will endeavour to have your power restored to normal in the quickest time possible.

Well check your shorts, yank your wire, and light up your life
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